Motorcycle Services & Storage

Motorcycle Services

We equally love two wheels! We have been fortunate enough to work closely amongst a range of motorcycle dealerships which has allowed us to gain unrivalled knowledge of in-depth motorcycle detailing. This is coupled with our unique protection services; providing a truly comprehensive package to any motorcycle enthusiast with both Nano Ceramic and Paint Protection Film options all under one roof; ensuring your motorcycle has the ultimate protection.

Motorcycle Standard Valet
Small/ Lightly Dirty £50

Large/ Extra Dirty £70

Motorcycle Full In-depth Valet
Small/ Lightly Dirty £100

Large/ Extra Dirty £120

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating Protection
Small/ Brand New £195

Large/ Used Bike £250

Motorcycle Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Standard Package (Front Facing surfaces & tank) from £275

Full Coverage (all panels where templates allow) from £495

Motorcycle Storage

Standard Package £12.50 per week/ £50 per month

  • Dry storage
  • Standard dust cover provided free of charge
  • CCTV coverage & alarm monitoring 24/7 (linked to local Police)
  • Full storage insurance
  • External site locking gate
  • Battery disconnected
Premium Package £15 per week/ £60 per month (as above but with below extras)
  • Vehicle started twice a month & brought up to temperature
  • Vehicle moved regularly to avoid tyre flat spots (if centre stand/ paddock stands not applicable)
  • Battery conditioner connected
  • Regular fluid check

Discounts available for long-term storage.